Convertible oak billiards dining table by Riley

Images just added of this convertible oak billiards dining table by Riley. This is a 7ft oak table, with turned and fluted legs. Circa 1940’s, with the original Rise and Fall mechanism, and lifting handles to change from dining height to playing height. Removable dining leaves.

Full details and images here: Convertible oak billiards dining table B808


7ft antique snooker diner table
7ft convertible billiards dining table. Riley. Oak B808

Antique mahogany rollerboard C1895

Just arrived, this antique mahogany rollerboard scorer.

By the makers Cox and Yeman, this large scoreboard is circa 1895. Full restoration is included in the price. View full details here:

Antique snooker and billiards scoreboards

antique snooker scoreboard with roller numbers
Cox and Yeman rollerboard scorer in mahogany