Rollover Antique Snooker Dining Table Demo.

Watch Mark demonstrate this rollover antique snooker dining table.

These tables transform from a dining table into a snooker or pool table, simply by rolling over the table top.

View all rollover antique snooker dining tables here.

Antique Snooker Scoreboards: Our latest stock.

We are excited to offer a range of antique snooker scoreboards for sale. Several restored scoreboards have been added to our website.

Latest stock includes scoreboards in mahogany and oak, by makers such as Riley, Burroughes & Watts and Jelks.

We carefully restore all of our antique snooker scoreboards by hand, using natural materials.

Jelks oak antique snoker scoreboard B847
Jelks oak antique snooker scoreboard B847
B821 Antique snooker billiards scoreboard Thos Padmore
Antique snooker billiards scoreboard Thos Padmore B821

Antique snooker scoreboards, a selection of our latest stock at Brown’s Antiques Billiards and Interiors. Please click to view.

Antique Pool Dining Tables

The ultimate in space-saving furniture. the antique pool dining table is one of our most popular items.

These tables easily convert from a pool table to a dining table, simply by adding dining leaves, or ‘rolling over the playing surface to reveal the dining surface.

Available in a range of sizes, from 5ft upwards, we are sure to have just the right size for you!

Please see the brief video demonstrations below. The first video shows a Rollover Antique Pool Dining Table, the second is a Riley table with a Rise & Fall mechanism to change the table height from playing height to dining height.

All pool dining tables/ snooker dining tables in stock can be viewed here.

Antique Snooker & Billiards Cue Racks

We have a range of antique snooker and billiards cue racks in stock.

Whether freestanding or wall-mounted, a cue rack makes a great addition to any games room!

Please click here to view all antique snooker / billiards cue racks in stock.

B849 antique 6 clip wall cue rack
B849 antique 6 clip wall cue rack

Antique chairs & Seating

We have added some antique chairs to the website. Please have a look at Antique Seating to see all of our sets of chairs, pews and stools for sale.

Elm and beech bar back chairs set of 8
Elm and beech bar back chairs, set of 8